Hope in the Boat, Inc. 
is a Breast Cancer Survivors' Dragon Boating Association

Join us at Panera on March 30th and bring a copy of the flyer with you! See you there!

Burlington 2017

Proper Form for Paddling

A portion of the proceeds from Jill PeckVona's new cookbook will benefit Hope in the Boat.    www.jillpeckvonabooks.com

Hope in the Boat pictures

Breast Cancer Division 
and 3rd Place overall!
Cape May, NJ

2016 Cape May, NJ Dragon Boat Festival

2015 Cape May Dragon Boat Festival

Thanks to Glennpeter Jewelers for supporting our Team and adding us to their Wall of Love!

A really BIG Thank You goes out to the Gorman Group for supporting HITB with their Wine Tasting Fundraising Event!